Lantytk® Corp
  • Business Form Offset Press
  • Business Form Offset PressAll of our business form rotary offset presses have features of high quality, reliable performance, long service life, short preparation time, low rejection rate, high...
  • Adhesive Label Rotary Press
  • Adhesive Label Rotary PressLantytk® Company can provide many kinds of adhesive label rotary printing press for you, including four color offset rotary press, trademark offset printing machine, and....
  • Roll Slitter Rewinder
  • Roll Slitter RewinderOur roll slitter rewinder mainly includes web slitter rewinder, invoice roll slitter rewinder, double web, slitter rewinder, and thermal fax paper slitter rewinder....
  • Business Form Collator
  • Business Form CollatorOur business form collator mainly includes roll to pack collator, pack to pack collator, pack to pack glue collator, and pack topack punch collator....
  • Continuous Form Burster
  • Continuous Form BursterWe have two kinds of continuous form burster: business form burster and continuous form burster. Both of them are controlled by touch screen and use manual....

China printing equipment manufacturer and supplier

Lantytk® Corpis a professional manufacturer and supplier of printing equipment in China. Our mainly products includes commercial form rotary offset press, adhesive label rotary printing press, roll slitter rewinder, business form collator, continue form burster, and printing cylinder, and we can also design and manufacture some related components of the rotary printing press. Those machines are widely used to produce various pressworks, such as printing colored tickets, forms, self-adhesive paper and more.

Meanwhile, we have established long cooperation relationship with many international companies and have been the agent of many famous products, such as rotary offset press from Germany Zeiser; numbering machine, business card printing equipment and inkjet printing system, all of which are from Germany Form All Edlmann; punch, trimming die, horizontal perforation cutter, and magnetic die-cutting cylinder, all of which are from Japan Tsukatani.

Furthermore, we have passed the ISO9001:2008 certification and our company is a member of the Commercial Paper Printing Branch of China Printing Technology Association.

We have many experienced mechanical design engineers and professional technicists, so we can design and manufacture special printing equipment according to specific requirements of users. We also have professional quality testing workers and equipment to test the quality of our products so that the quality of our products is guaranteed.

Located in Shanghai, the main industrial city in China, we are near to shipping port, so your transportation cost can be saved.

With high-quality products, perfect after-sale services, and reasonable price, we can surely satisfy your needs.

If you need any of our products, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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