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Description of Thermal Fax Paper Slitter Rewinder:
This thermal fax paper slitter rewinder, also know as thermal fax paper slitter rewinding machine or thermal fax paper slitting rewinding machine, is mainly used to slit big roll presswork into small roll ones. It is applicable to process post-printing roll-type receipts, such as cash register paper, fax paper, welfare lotteries, taxi receipts, etc.

This rewinder has features of short start-up time, easy operation, high quality, stable and reliable production performance, so it can surely be your right hand.

And it is especially used in production of cash register paper, and roll receipts.

Thermal Fax Paper Slitter Rewinder

Thermal Fax Paper Slitter Rewinder

Technical Parameters of Thermal Fax Paper Slitter Rewinder:

Unwinding number 1roll
Unwinding width 900mm
Unwinding diameter Max. ø1000mm
Unwinding core shaft 3″(76mm)
Rewinding width Min. 25mm
Rewinding diameter Max.200mm
Diameter of rewinding core shaft Æ8mm- ø 36mm
Working speed Max.120m/min
Rewinding mode 1-ply
Air supply ≥0.6 mpa
Machine dimensions 2350(L)x2200(W)x1900(H)mm

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HOME » Products » Roll Slitter Rewinder » Thermal Fax Paper Slitter Rewinder
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