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Description of Card Offset Rotary Press:
This card offset rotary press is mainly used to print scratch cards, which can be scratched open on the spot to see whether there is a prize, and its prize can be directly cashed into money.

And this printing machine has various functions, such as offset printing, letterpress printing, inkjet printing, flexo printing, skip printing, UV drying, perforating, paper folding, rewinding, and so on.

Card Offset Rotary Press

Card Offset Rotary Press

Technical Parameters of GPR-DA457-880 Card Offset Rotary Press:

Paper width Max. 457.2mm
Printing width Max.444.5mm
Printing speed Max.200m/min
Leaflet sheeting speed Max.150m/min
Offset printing scope Alcohol and water
Paper folding scope 7inch-26inch
Rewinding scope 1270mm

Lantytk® Corpis a professional manufacturer of card offset rotary press in China. Apart from card offset rotary press, we still provide our customers with POS form rotary press, express form rotary press, business form offset press, adhesive label rotary press, roll slitter rewinder, business form collator, continuous form burster, printing cylinder, etc. Located near to shipping port in Shanghai, we have the advantage of convenient transportation, which can help save your transportation costs, and we have passed the ISO9001:2008 certification. If you need our card offset rotary press, please contact us freely.

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HOME » Products » Business Form Offset Press » Card Offset Rotary Press
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