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Description of Six Color Rotary Printing Press:
This six color rotary printing press is mainly used to print various adhesive labels, such as clothing labels, medicine labels, daily necessity labels, food labels, electrical appliance labels, stationery labels, etc. This printing machine uses photosensitive resin as its plate material, so it is commonly known as aniline printing press.

In order to better satisfy needs of high efficiency, high quality, and low costs in today's society, this six color rotary printing press features high speed, high precision and high performance.

With rich perspectiveness, it can better help users in improving their outputs and production flexibility so that users can better adapt their market.

Six Color Rotary Printing Press

Six Color Rotary Printing Press

And up to now, our GPRL-DA460 has greatly improved in automation degree, production speed, and cost benefit, so it is more beneficial for our customers.

Features of Six Color Rotary Printing Press:
1. This six color rotary printing process has features of attractive appearance, rational structure, advanced technology, easy operation, stable overprinting, high printing quality, high printing speed, low rejection rate, long service life, convenient maintenance, etc.
2. The utilization of Taiwanese main motor and Japanese frequency control of motor speed has made this press electricity-saving and stable.
3. It has adopted Japanese bearings and German one-way bearings.     
4. Its aluminium-alloy guide wheels have undergone hard anode oxidation, dynamic balance and static balance treatment.
5. Equipped with independent dryer and cold air setting bellows, this printing machine can effectively avoid ink adhesion problem after printing.
6. Its unwinding system applies full-automatic pneumatic deviation correction control system from Taiwan.
7. Both of the rewinding and unwinding adopts Japanese Mitsubishi magnetic powder and full-automatic control system from Taiwan.

Applications of Six Color Rotary Printing Press:
It is applicable to print polyethylene bags, polypropylene plastic bags, cellophane, web, nonwovens, woven bags and many other packaging materials

Besides, it is the ideal choice for printing food bags, supermarket handbags, waistcoat bags, clothing bags, and more.

Technical Parameters of GPRL-DA460-660 Six Color Rotary Printing Press:

Paper width Max.460mm
Printing width Max.447mm
Feeding paper diameter Max.1270mm
Rewinding diameter Max.1270mm
Rewinding diameter of waste paper Max.1270mm
Plate cylinder circumference 14inch – 28inch
Gap between plate cylinder gears 1/8inch
Rotary die-cutting device 1set
Conveying gap 1/8inch

As a professional manufacturer of six color rotary printing press in China, Shanghai Guangping Printing Equipment Co., Ltd can still provide many other machines for our customers, such as trademark offset printing machine, invoice roll slitter rewinder, business form offset press, adhesive label rotary press, roll slitter rewinder, business form collator, continuous form burster, printing cylinder, and more. We have we have passed the ISO9001:2008 certification and we have an experienced professional team, which enable us to design and manufacture high-quality and reliable-performance machines for you. If you need our six color rotary printing press, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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HOME » Products » Adhesive Label Rotary Press » Six Color Rotary Printing Press
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