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Description of Offset Printing Cylinder:
Shanghai Guangping Printing Equipment Co., Ltd can design and manufature offset printing cylinders of different specifications for a broad range of printing presses, and all of them are of exquisite workmanship and of high quality.

Features of Offset Printing Cylinder:
Our offset printing cylinder, also known as cylinder for offset printing machine, has features as follows:
1. Tailor-made in various style, shape and dimension, and especially suitable for offset printing industry.  
3. Convenient for carrying.
4. We offer comprehensive services in a cost-effective way, from designing, researching, developing to production.
5. This offset printing cylinder is characterized by high quality, convenient maintenance, attractive appearance, rational structure, high performance, and strong durability.

Offset Printing Cylinder

Offset Printing Cylinder

As a professional manufacturer and supplier of offset printing cylinder in China, Shanghai Guangping Printing Equipment Co., Ltd can still provide many other machines for our customers, such as letterpress cylinder, Miyakoshi cylinder, business form offset press, adhesive label rotary press, roll slitter rewinder, business form collator, continuous form burster, printing cylinder, and more. We have we have passed the ISO9001:2008 certification and we have an experienced professional team, which enable us to design and manufacture high-quality and reliable-performance machines for you. If you need our offset printing cylinder, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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HOME » Products » Printing Cylinder » Offset Printing Cylinder
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